Christine Fernandez | Author

Christine grew up in New Mexico, USA but met her soul mate through a computer game and moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2007. Together they have two young sons with an incredible unique heritage; half American, quarter Aussie, and quarter Indian, including some Native American Indian.

She genuinely believes we, as parents, can mould our kids into whole human beings through reading and reading aloud, with imagination being one of the most important benefits.

After being diagnosed with her invisible disability, she fell into the entrepreneurship journey just ten months after becoming a mum. She went from not wanting kids to wanting to be that “mum”, who happens to have Multiple Sclerosis. She had to decide how to prioritise her family and health, so she started an online kids bookstore, Read Learn Love.

She knew that her business needed to be more than just another online bookstore to compete with Booktopia (Barnes and Noble) and, through research, found out that reading aloud to her kids was so much more than just helping them learn to read themselves. It is scientifically proven to be the single most important activity you can do for and with your children.

Valentyna Duvan | Illustrator

Valentyna is an illustrator from Ukraine. She has two mechanical engineering degrees and five years of work experience at the automobile factory and IT company. She found her true passion as an illustrator and has been happily in this field for the last eight years.

She is a huge dog lover and enjoys illustrating animals, people, nature, and human life. She loves to support the dog shelters and the homeless dogs by selling part of my artwork.

She especially enjoys when her illustrations help people improve their lives, could help extend the humanistic and ecological ideas, or just make someone smile.

She believes that kindness makes more kindness. You can follow her on Instagram

Romina Cavagnola
Publishing Specialist

Romina is a single, co-parenting mother to a 4-year-old adventure seeker. She is also a story coach and publisher. Through her company, Alchemy of Alignment™ Publishing, Romina facilitates the writing and publishing of powerful stories. The inspiration for her Activating Self-Healing through Story™ programs can be found in her own journey, as it was through writing that Romina learned to shift the narrative of her experience and give herself permission to pursue her dreams.  

Through a blend of intuitive and practical guidance, Romina empowers her clients in bespoke publishing journeys and messaging for spiritual women in business.  With qualifications and experience in publishing, project management, information systems, and astronomy (just for fun!), Romina weaves her diverse expertise and knowledge with her love of books, stories, and writing to create a unique experience for her clients.  

Romina lives in semi-rural New South Wales, Australia, with her son. She can be found going on ‘adventures’ with her little man, gazing at stars, spontaneously bursting into song, or with her nose planted firmly in a book.  You can find Romina here:   

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