Best Friends

Meet Stacey and Toby.
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This brilliantly illustrated picture storybook shares the tale of an incredible little girl named Stacey, who has a wild imagination, and a four-legged best friend named Toby.

It’s about the adventures of a bright, tough girl who just happens to have an invisible disability – type 1 diabetes. 

Her overzealous imagination leads her to believe her parents have been kidnapped and this clever duo must save them.

The original Story for this book was written 16 years ago, in 2006, to cheer up a friend after she lost her dog. Unfortunately, I was never able to show it to her.

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The beginning

The beginning

Stacey and I met in an online MSN chat room in early 2000. We instantly had a connection. She was my “sister from another mister”. Her weirdness meshed so well with mine. It was a beautiful thing!

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